Location: Tehran, Iran
Area( foot print ): 559.23sqm
Architect in charge: Mahdi Kamboozia
Client: Mosque Board of Trustees
Design Team: Rasha Kiani, Helena Ghanbari
Rendering: Mohammad Ashkbar sefat
Presentation: Rasha Kiani
Intern Architect: Hamidreza Salek
Photographer: Mahdi Hosseini

Project Description:

In questing the context of the project in Tehran, and focused on local architecture, unveiled one of the basic aspects of Iranian architecture as "hierarchy" quality of space organization. This way of layering spaces that makes sequences of conquering the space can be traced in different olden buildings especially in religious buildings where detaching from everyday life and approaching to worship space in accessing into the building.

In accordance to contemporary metropolitan urban block with a dense building blocks where the mosque located in, and the region that mosque works within, guided the design team to a new perspective that shaped the proposal in relevance to traditional and modern life style. Inside the limitation of site borders and neighbors, formation of the mosque in regard to the function requisites of this type of building like praying hall and lateral activities, separated access and spaces for men and women etc. beside the local architecture of north of Tehran, lead to merging elements of a mosque as minaret, porch, yard and dome in a way that recreated totally new spaces.

The integrated entity of the proposal plays its role as a religious and cultural center in the region scale and communicates with the environment such as variety of climate in each season, and different view angels and transparency depend on environmental and interior light.